Phobugz is a blog dedicated to two projects of mine involving stick figures: M&J Comics and Stick Figure Seconds.

M&J Comics

I started doing these small comics in high-school to make my way through boring classes. They often involved my friends, classmates and teachers and I have about 80 of them stored away somewhere, so you can see how many boring classes I had to go through…I decided to cut the characters down to just two M and J – sometimes another friend might show up, though.

Some of these comics are based on true events…others are not (hint: the ones with dragons are the real ones).

Stick Figure Seconds

SFS appeared really randomly in my life. I think I dreamt of it and the next day I was doing the first one. These animations are pretty old school; I basically draw a couple of hundred drawings and then mash them up to the speed of light to make a video of 60 seconds or less. The technique is very basic, so I pretty much have nothing to brag about…so I’ll just tell you about that time where I fought that dragon..!

On a more serious note, SFS takes me a long time to produce so it’s to be expected that I make a lot more comics compared to how many animations appear here. I hope that’s understandable.


My deviantART account

Where I post my real drawings, you may also see a couple of M&J’s or SFS around there sometimes.
13Phoenix13 on deviantART



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